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About Appleby

Appleby is a picturesque village situated eight miles north west of Brigg and around the same distance south west of Barton upon Humber. It lies on the ancient Roman road Ermine Street - or Herman Street - with delightful village lanes, late 19 century Estate Cottages mixed with earlier stone cottages from the late 1600’s and recent new building additions, all combine to make Appleby a real treasure in North Lincolnshire.

The village, with around 177 houses, has over 500 residents, many of whom have enjoyed living here all their life. There are no shops or public houses! The village Post Office, on Ermine Street, closed in the mid 70’s, as did the Village Shop, Church Side. All the roads in the village, including Ermine Street - the ‘Main Road’ - are now restricted to a 30 mph speed limit.

St Bartholomew’s Church - a happy blend of old and the new - with it’s richly carved oak, array of battlement, pinnacles and fearsome carved gargoyles and dragons - lies at the end of the tree lined Church Lane.

The Village Hall, once the Junior School, and now neatly extended, is home to a busy schedule of activities; lying in close proximity to the Playing Field, both places play an important role in the annual Village Fayre.

The cottages in Appleby can, to some degree, be divided into the semi detached Estate Cottages built in the 1880’s and the earlier detached cottages of a simple design built from the late 1600’s into the 1700’s. The Thatched Cottage in Paul Lane being a good example of such an early dwelling. It comprises thick stone walls, low beamed ceilings and a wealth of traditional period features.

The Estate Cottages, provided by the Winn family, came in three distinct versions, all two storey and conforming to the highest standards of their day. The cost then was in excess of £100! They feature outer stone walls 21 inches thick, with ubiquitous red brick corners and decorations in both red and yellow brick, all combine to create an outstanding dramatic effect. The outbuildings provided with the houses were built with as much care, providing a privy and sty or cow house, and wash house.

More information can be found on many aspects of the village In
various features on the website.

You can read more about Appleby in an article in ‘Land, People and Landscapes, Essays on the History of the Lincolnshire Region’ (ISBN 1-872375-02-2) available from County Town Books
Other local books may be sourced here as well as from Mr R Pacey, Old Chapel Lane Books, Burgh-le-Marsh Lincolnshire PE24 5LQ Telephone: 01754811034

Appleby Village Design Statement - 1998

The VDS was produced as part of a programme by the Countryside Commission to demonstrate how local communities hope to influence the design of buildings within the village setting and future development.
The document was approved by
North Lincs Council as a supplementary planning guidance to be taken into account as a material consideration
when determining
development proposals.

You can view the
document by clicking
on the link below.

The file is in PDF
format - you will require Acrobat Reader.

Village Design Statement