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Appleby Website Hints and Tips

Notes about the website: The way Websites are designed is quite a complicated subject! The way the page looks on your screen depends on a number of factors, such as which Operating System and Internet Browser your computer uses, as well as the resolution of your monitor.
Our Website is best viewed in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Version 5.5 or better, with a monitor resolution set to 800x600. Some browsers work slightly differently and this can create problems for some of the pages layouts. Text and photos may be seen to overlap for instance.
Some Apple Mac’s will encounter problems with some features too. Links may not operate properly. The rate at which a page loads is also dependent on the speed of your computer and its modem. An additional factor being that the more people connected to the Internet, the slower it can become. Whatever system you use we hope you able to enjoy our Website.

Navigating the website: The first page you encounter when you type into your address window will be the Home Page. This page has an introduction to the website followed by a section that list new and updated features - all the latest additions are placed here with Links to the updated pages. These Links are always underlined. All the links on the website appear underlined and so should be easy to spot! New updates remain here for a week or two.
Next you will see Appleby Pips - for snippets of information, and then Appleby Core News - the website Newsletter renewed bi monthly. Then the Monthly Quiz - this is just for fun, although occasionally we offer a gift for the winner!
On the left of every page is the main site Navigation Index. Many pages you visit also have additional links to related features. All these links will appear underlined.
Also on the left of the page we include a link to a local weather report. This report is updated automatically.
At the foot of the Home Page are contact details, the date the website was last updated, and a convenient link for you to add Appleby to your ‘Favourites’.
When you click ‘Add to Favourites’ on the Link on the Home Page you will receive a small Icon - known as a ‘Favicon’! The Appleby website Favicon is a Red Apple. This makes it easier to spot the website among your ‘Favourites’, and will also appear on the address bar next to the website name. This feature will only work in Internet Explorer.
Finally, we have included a Google search facility for both the website and for the Internet as a whole. This will find all the references to the words you enter. Try it - it’s quite addictive!

Photographs: The Photographs on the website have been compressed for faster downloading - it is sometimes difficult to find a balance - if the photo is compressed too much you loose the clarity of the picture. Some photos take a little longer than others but they will be of good quality and are worth waiting for!
If you wish to save a photo onto your computer, simply hover over the photo and Right Click your mouse, then select ‘Save Picture As’. A window will open for you to select a folder to place the photo in - you could select ‘Desktop’ if you wish to access the photo quickly. Locate the photo and double click it to view. If you wish to print the photo, I can send you a high resolution copy via email. This will be a larger sized image with improved quality.
Please feel free to send me an email with the details of the photograph you require.

Guest Book, Bulletin Board and Market Place: These facilities are completely free to use and do not require complicated registration. Simply click the links and follow the instructions. They are provided by another Website called Bravenet. Occasionally their Website is busy - this is nothing to do with us so please be patient and try again a little later. We love the Website to be interactive and really do appreciate your input.

Site Index: Located on the left of the page in the main Navigation Index is the full Site Index page. This contains a list of all the current pages on the Website and will ensure that you haven’t missed anything!

Look out for the Mini Apples, they indicate the pages which have been updated on the date published on the Home Page!

Finally, I sincerely hope you enjoy looking round the Appleby website as much as I have enjoyed creating it!