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The photograph of Ermine Street, left, was taken from a postcard addressed to Mrs Chappell at Barton upon Humber from A.E.H.! The wording reads:

Dear M, I thought I would keep to my promise for once. I hope you will like this PC it’s G tho ??? is the gent? Hope your cold is better mine has been a bit rough since I got back, with love to you and C and aunt and uncle, yours AEH. Reggie is not going to stop with you.
Postmarked Appleby and it looks to be 1906.

Old Photographs / 1

More old photographs may be seen by clicking the camera icon at the foot of the page or use this index:

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News Clip

Newspaper Clips - 1974

The Thatched Cottage featured on the cover of Lincolnshire Life in July 1980.
The cottage has appeared in many local and national publications over the years, has popped up on television and is regularly the subject of many local artists’ endeavours!

The Ermine Street - Risby Road junction.
At one time, Appleby had a weekly market, on a Thursday. The stones at the crossroads are believed to be the remains of the market cross and it is deemed to be unlucky to move them. The Elm tree was removed in 1979 after it succumbed to Dutch Elm disease. You can just see the traditional red telephone box in the left of the picture.


Thanks to Peter Bee for sending us this scan of a Postcard dated 27th March 1915 showing Cross Cottage from Ermine Street with the Old Estate House in the background. The postcard was originally sent to his Grandmother from her Aunt.