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Neighbourhood Watch

Appleby has an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

The village is split up into various areas and each area has their own local co-ordinator.
If you see any suspicious behaviour or wish to report an incident please contact the appropriate person from the list below. If the person for your area Is
unavailable please ring ANY of the telephone numbers on the list.

Area Coordinator:

Mr D Hunt Telephone: 01724 735259

Local Coordinators:

Area 1: Ermine Street east
Mr D Coote 01724 732666

Area 2: Ermine Street west
Mr C Worsley 01724 733716

Area 3: Paul Lane
Mrs M Welch 01724 733984

Area 4: Shool Lane top end
Mr S Hicks 01724 732953

Area 5: School Lane mid part
Mrs M Settle 01724 733989

Area 6: School Lane lower end
Mr Marshall 01724 734327

Area 7: Churchside
Mr J Owston 01724 733787

Area 8: Carr Lane
Mr T Beisty 01724 735595

Area 9: Church Lane
Mr P Drury 01724 735178

Area 10: Vicarage Drive
Mrs C Chaplin 01724 732136

Area 11: Vicarage Park
Mr D Hunt 01724 735259

Area 12: Appleby Station
Mrs T Long 01724 859529

Please Report Crime:

If you have seen any suspicious behaviour or can help in any way please contact the police or the local coordinator for your Neighbourhood Watch Area.

Scunthorpe Police

0845 6060222

Emergency - 999