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Appleby Features Index

In this section we have summarised the various links to features that explore in greater depth some of the many areas of special interest that Appleby has to offer.

Thatching the Thatched Cottage!

Appleby Hall

Cottages in Appleby 19th Century

Cottages in Appleby 18th Century

A Busy Year for Local Artist

Poetry Corner

Poem for the Week

The Outbuildings and Privies of Appleby

St Bartholomew’s Church

St Bartholomew’s Church, More Photographs

St Bartholomew’s Church Wall ‘The Legacy’

St Bartholomew’s Church Clock

St Bartholomew’s Church Gargoyles and Grotesque Gallery

Thomas Dunhill ‘Maker of Music’

A View From The Church Tower

On Top Of The Tower!

Bygone Days : Kelly’s and White’s Directories

The Tale of Four Vicarages by Charles R Ellerington

Old Photographs of Appleby - now extended!

Nostalgic Family Photographs

St Bartholomew’s Church Restoration and Fundraising Project

Spring Cottage Garden 2004

Website Hints and Tips

Appleby E Post Cards

Community News

Appleby Fayre 2007

Appleby Snow-scape!

Appleby Carrs

Celebration of Appleby Life 2007

Appleby Signal Box

Voluntary Car Service

Appleby Hall

Appleby Fayre 2008